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                                    We are a professional manufacturer of organic adhesive.


                                    We have obtained many invention patents in the fields of silicone sealing, potting, heat conduction, encapsulation and so on! We focus on innovation and HSE (safety, environmental protection, health), the company has excellent employees and advanced production, inspection equipment, and is committed to continuous improvement of quality, management.

                                    About us MORE+

                                     JiangSu CREVO science& Technology Co., Ltd.   is specialized in solar module sealant, double glass components linked with structural adhesive, sealant, solar junction box, electronic precision electronic coating glue sealant, electronic potting and heat conducting materials R & D and production. 


                                    Address: Zhongtian Road, E District, Chang Kun Industrial Park, Sha Jia town, Jiangsu, Changshou City, China

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